This project was apart of the National Student Advertising Competiton, where Fitchburg State competed in districts. We were tasked with coming up with a business to business campaign for the Adobe Experience Cloud, a new marketing software that Adobe is rolling out. We came up with the Power of One. Where every one person is part of something bigger all coming together to be apart of one team.

NSAC document master copy

Our team went through multiple ideas for this project when trying to come up with the best way to show how the Adobe Experience Cloud was going to be the solution for marketing and advertising agencies. We ended on the Power of One through the research we did and the connectivity of the software itself.


The 2020 National Student Advertising Competition was a little different. Due to Covid – 19 the competition was held virtually, so we had to make a video presentation along with a media presentation. This is the presentation that was submitted and judged.

This is the commercial for the project, the idea was that it would show an orchestra coming together as well as an office, showcasing the Power of One. The filming of this was halted due to Covid -19 and this is the result of the footage and audio that we had.