Appleseed County Fair

This project was a rebrand of the Appleseed Country Fair, an event each fall hosted by the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. The client tasked the student teams with achieving a more modern look while staying true to feel the fair has always had. They also wanted us to raise awareness for the fair by introducing it to new audiences. To do this, we created a new logo for the fair with the that kept the sunflower from their original branding but refreshed it with a more modern look. We also suggested a rebrand of their website to match the new look, as well as new social media accounts.




In order to best reach the client’s goals, we began by researching what would go into bringing awareness to the fair. Because they did not have any social media accounts of their own, we began by looking at the accounts that supported them. Through our research, we created user personas of the audiences that would be best to advertise toward, as well as a market and competitive analysis. We came to the conclusion that creating dedicated social media accounts for the fair, as well as using print media such as flyers and billboards, would be successful in drawing attention to the fair.

Our media strategy’s goal was to bring in new audience attention by creating a new logo and new social media accounts for the fair. In addition to these, we also proposed a new website that would house all of the fair’s important information, including how to get to the fair, tickets, and social media accounts. This way, instead of searching over different websites to find the information, audiences would be able to find everything they need in one place.
In addition to digital media, we also proposed printed flyers and billboards to be used as physical media to advertise the fair. These would be used leading up to and during the event and were a way to get simple and important information about the fair to the public.