Revela pushes the envelope of what should be expected from your products. Their biotech engine searches millions of new molecules for the ideal ingredient to better serve your beauty, health, and wellness needs that remain unsolved today. The cutting-edge AI engine allows Revela scientists to sift through millions of molecules to discover new ingredients that are more effective than what’s currently available. ProCelinyl™ is a discovery that stimulates hair growth by targeting hair follicle health and reawakening dormant follicles, with a 97% success rate in clinical trials. Most importantly, no adverse effects were reported.

While with Revela, I developed creative across all paid and organic channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. I also assisted with building a full-funnel Meta strategy to target both new and existing customers. This strategy achieved a 1x blended ROAS. These are examples of advertisements I created to reach that goal.

I was also involved in producing a founder’s video highlighting the reasoning behind Revela. This video is intended to humanize the scientists behind the brand.

I also had the opportunity to oversee the production of a TV commercial. This commercial was shot with the CEO, Evan. We tested three different spokespeople on air, and Evan did the best out of the three. Bringing in a 2x ROAS and a $100 CAC.