The National Student Advertising Competition is a leading competition in the field of advertising for college students. Each year, the student teams are given a case study from a client. For the 2019 competition, the client was Wienerschnitzel, and they tasked us with transforming the public perception of the hot dog. With different tactics and commercials, we tackled the problem by capturing the aesthetic, draw, and authentic spirit of the twenty-first-century adventure. We created a peer-to-peer campaign that shows trendmakers embracing the hot dog and spreading their embrace to their peers.
With this campaign, Fitchburg State placed third in the Northeast district competition.

The media strategy of this campaign was wrapped around the idea of the twenty-first-century adventure. We took hold of the forms of media that trendmakers use the most: television and social media. We proposed commercial concepts that used experiences to break the common misconceptions. We also proposed social media campaign that focuses on in-person experiences including a pop-up food truck. These commercials are two of the tactics that we worked towards and some of the things that I worked most closely with.